24 March, 2017


Company founded in 2004 in Vilalba(Lugo).It has more than ten years of experience in the sector, as well as a wide range of products.

It belongs to the mechanical manufacturing industry, its dedication is based on the construction of machines for metal deformation, specializing in the manufacturing of cutting lines for thin metal sheet and press feeding lines.

It is also remarkable the specialization in solar structure. Our company is in constant growth and, attending to the needs of our customers, we pay attention to the renewable energies.

In relation to the manufacturing process, we have our own manufacturing workshop. In the same way, we take care of the design engineering. We also have our own electric and hydraulic workshop, as well as facilities for mounting and acceptance of equipment.

We manufacture the cutting lines starting from standard module concepts, but we adapt to your needs, with contrasting mechanical systems, adjustable to compensate possible future imbalances.

We use quality materials, both in mechanical, in electrical and in hydraulic components, trying to ensure the reliability of our equipment.

We act under the thought that quality products are obtained with quality machines that take care of the details and manufacturing variables. Therefore, all teams are entirely designed and manufactured by the company, and they have all the security requirements  and their corresponding CE marking.

To carry out the manufacturing processes, we have qualified staff for the areas of engineering, machining, mechanical and electrical mounting.

Our dimenssion and autonomy both in design and in manufacturing, allow us to be flexible in the elaboration and machine configuration changes. The machines are assembled and tested in Demaq before the shipment to the customer.

The technical assistances are carried out by the same staff who has mounted the equipment, ensuring a perfect knowledge of the machine. We also have remote assistance options.

All the team thanks to our customers for the trust in our current and future projects.