10 marzo, 2021


Current R&D proyects:

2019 – 2021 CDTI Proyect

Project Title: Research in Discontinuous Profiling Techniques of Zn-Al-Mg Coated Steels for the Generation of Square Section Structural Tubes Under Final Configuration (PERFILA)

Project objective: The main objective of this project is the generation of a new methodology for discontinuous manufacturing of square section structural pipe from zn-al-mg alloy anti-corrosion coated steel sheet for the construction of photovoltaic solar installations, the tubes produced present a complete guarantee of corrosion protection, it is not necessary to practice on them any final post-processing operation like cutting to the precise measurement or drill holes for their assembly, and is modulable to facilitate and economize their transport and implementation for the production of pipes in situ, that is, in the same place where the solar installation will be located.

Project Execution Site : P.I. Sete Pontes, P30C; 27800 Vilalba, Lugo

Project implementation deadline: Years 2019 – 2021

CDTI and FEDER co-financing